According to the vaccination schedule required by the US Consulate.

The Immigration Law of the United States of North America requires that immigrant visa applicants obtain certain vaccinations before the issuance of an immigrant visa. Authorized clinics that practice medical exam for immigrant visa applicants are required to verify that they meet the vaccination requirement.

In order to attend authorized doctors and avoid delays in the process of an immigrant visa, each applicant must meet the vaccination schedule of the United States, so they must prove the application of the vaccines at the time they attend their medical exam for the processing of their visa. If you do not have proof or a National Vaccination Card, do not bother getting it. You can get the necessary vaccines at the time of your medical exam.

No consular employee will provide information related to vaccines, this will be handled directly with the authorized clinic that conducts medical exam. The cost of the vaccine(s) will depend on the type of vaccine or vaccines that you are missing, so the cost may vary. This charge is independent of the cost of your regular medical exam .

COVID-19 Vaccine
Vaccination against COVID-19 is mandatory for all people who are in their immigration process to the US. It is important to present your proof and/or certificate of COVID-19 vaccination since the doctor will assess whether it is necessary to apply the updated vaccine. We have the updated and authorized COVID-19 vaccine. (Period 2023 - 2024).

Vaccines according to age and cost

The cost is shown in dollars and Mexican pesos at the exchange rate of the day according to the Diario Oficial de la Federación (DOF).
VACCINES At birth 2 to 6 months 6 to 11 months 12 to 18 months 19 months to
4 years
5 to 6 years 7 to 18 years 19 a 64 años 65 years and older
$80 usd / $1,425.60 mx
Hepatitis A
$39 usd / $694.98 mx
Hepatitis B
$33 usd / $588.06 mx

(Hasta 59 años)
$105 usd / $1,871.10 mx
$83 usd / $1,479.06 mx

(Up to 8 months)
Seasonal Influenza
$51 usd / $908.82 mx
$44 usd / $784.08 mx

(Born in 1957 onwards)
$66 usd / $1,176.12 mx
$66 usd / $1,176.12 mx
$138 usd / $2,459.16 mx

(11 to 18 years)

This scheme is subject to medical evaluation to determine which vaccines should be applied.

= The Seasonal Influenza applies only from September to March.
= The US Government recommends vaccination against hepatitis B (HepB) for all adults aged 19 to 59 years and older than 60 years with risk factors for hepatitis B or without identified risk factors but seeking protection.
You can get more information and advice with your doubts about the vaccination schedule on the phone: 888 4560 038.

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