Suggestion of establishments near the Consulate and the Clinic

Suggestions with excellent location and service

For your comfort and safety we make this suggestion of places with an excellent location and quality service, so that your stay in Ciudad Juárez while you carry out your procedure is as comfortable as possible. You will immediately be able to see the suggestions, distance and travel time to the US Consulate in Ciudad Juárez and to SMF to perform your immigration medical exam.

Accommodation Name: Address: To SMF: To Consulado: Booking/Info:
Xtended Suites Av. Ramón Rivera Lara 8651 600m / 8min 600m / 8min Web Site
Courtyard Misión de los Lagos 9020 700m / 9min 750m / 9min Web Site
City Junior Av. Paseo de la Victoria 3781 450m / 6min 450m / 6min Web Site
Hotel Mesaluna Av. Paseo de la Victoria 3508 600m / 8min 300m / 4min Web Site
Microtel Av. Paseo de la Victoria 4150 380m / 5min 400m / 5min Web Site
Dunas Av. Paseo de la Victoria 3650, Partido Senecú 550m / 6min 220m / 3min Web Site
Four Points by Sheraton Avenida del Charro 215-2 9.5km / 16min 9.4km / 15min Web Site
Hampton By Hilton Av. Tomás Fernández 7770 6.2km / 12min 5.7km / 11min Web Site
City Express Av. Tomás Fernández 7810 6.1km / 12min 5.7km / 11min Web Site
Hotel El Paseo Av. Paseo Triunfo de la República 4850 8.7km / 12min 8.8km / 15min Web Site
Hotel Plaza Juárez Av. Lincoln 722 11.2km / 20min 11.2km / 20min Web Site
Hotel Lucerna Av. Paseo triunfo de la República 3976 8.9km / 13min 9km / 14min Web Site
Regis Consulado Av. Ramón Rivera Lara 6029 4.6km / 7min 4.7km / 8min Web Site
Colonial Av. Abraham Lincon 1355 10.8km / 19min 10.9km / 20min Web Site
Fiesta Inn Av. Paseo Triunfo de la República 3451 9.2km / 14min 9.2km / 14min Web Site
Krystal Av. Tecnológico 3750 5.1km / 6min 5.1km / 6min Web Site
La Quinta Av. Ejército Nacional 8211 2.3km / 4min 2.3km / 4min Web Site
Flamingo Av. Paseo Triunfo de la República 6085 8.1km / 14min 8.3km / 15min Web Site
María Bonita Av. Paseo de la Victoria Esq. con Teófilo Borunda 1.7km / 3min 1.8km / 3min Web Site

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