According to the vaccination scheme of the United States

Recent changes in the Immigration Law of the United States of America require that Immigrant Visa applicants obtain certain vaccinations prior to the issuance of an Immigrant Visa. Clinics authorized to practice medical examinations for Immigrant Visa applicants have been required to verify that they meet the vaccination requirement.

In order to assist authorized doctors, and avoid delays in the process of an immigrant visa, each applicant must comply with the United States vaccination scheme , So you should check the application of vaccines at the time you go to your medical examination for the processing of your visa. If you do not have proof or National Vaccination Card, do not bother to obtain it. You may apply the necessary vaccines at the time of your medical examination.

No consular employee will provide information related to vaccines, this will be treated directly with the clinic authorized to practice medical examinations. The cost of the vaccine (s) will depend on the type of vaccine or vaccines that you lack and in general terms the cost may vary. This charge is independent of the cost of your regular Medical Exam. The cost is shown in Dollars, and does not include TAX.

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