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The procedure for the residence visa ONLY CAN BE DONE AT THE CONSULATE OF THE UNITED STATES , this is an informative section with links to the necessary information of your procedure.

An immigrant visa (or residence) is a document issued by a U.S. consular officer abroad that allows you to travel to the United States and apply for admission as a permanent legal resident (LPR).

An inspector of the Customs and Border Protection Service of the Department of Homeland Security will make the final decision as to whether or not he is admitted as an LPR.

Once you are admitted as an LPR, you generally have the right to reside and work in the United States permanently. The Citizenship and Immigration Service of the Department of Homeland Security will send your permanent resident card (often called a “green card”) to your new address in the United States, usually within the first three months of entering the United States.

Immigrant visas

Petition for a Foreign Family Member I-130 - A legal permanent resident is a foreign citizen who has been granted the privilege of living and working in the United States permanently. If you wish to become a legal permanent resident based on the fact that you have a relative who is a United States citizen or is a legal permanent resident, your relative in the United States will need to sponsor you and prove that he / she has the income or assets enough to keep you, the potential immigrant when in the United States.

The fiancé visa (or K-1 visa) - It is technically a non-immigrant visa. However, the Residence Visa Unit of the United States Consulate in Ciudad Juarez is responsible for the process of this type of visa because the process to process it is very similar to the process of a residence visa. The fiancé visa is intended for foreign citizens who intend to marry US citizens in the United States and then wish to become legal permanent residents without having to leave the US territory. K-2 visas are aimed at children of a promised K-1 visa applicant.

Visas H, L, O, P, and Q - Allow the bearer to work in the United States. All these types of visas require that the contracting company or organization first file a petition with the US Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS), belonging to the Department of Internal Security of the American Union ( US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in order to obtain work permit. If the petition is approved, the company will receive a format called I-797 which will allow the interested party to apply for the work visa.

Immigrant Visa Categories

As a visa applicant, you must establish that you meet all the requirements to receive the category of visa you are applying for. When submitting an application at a US embassy or consulate. In the USA, a consular officer will determine, according to the laws, whether he is eligible to receive a visa and, if so, which category of visa is appropriate.

The table below contains different purposes for immigrating to the United States and related immigrant visa categories for which information is available on this website. Select a visa category below for more information:

Immediate and family-sponsored relative Visa category
Spouse of a US citizen
Spouse of a US citizen waiting for the approval of an I-130 immigrant petition
Promised to marry U.S. Citizen UU. And live in the US UU.
International adoption of orphaned children by US citizens
Certain relatives of US citizens
Certain relatives of legal permanent residents
Sponsored Employer - Employment
Employment-based immigrants, including (preference group):
  • Priority workers [First]
  • Professionals with advanced degrees and people with exceptional skills [Second]
  • Professionals and other workers [Third]
  • Job creation / Investors [Fifth]
  • Certain special immigrants: [Fourth]
Religious workers
Iraqi and Afghan translators / interpreters
Iraqis who worked for / on behalf of the United States government
Afghans who worked for / on behalf of the US government UU.
Other immigrants
Immigrant Diversity Visa
Returning Resident
Important notes:
  • * K visas: listed with immigrant visas because they are for immigration related purposes.
  • About this chart: This chart is a list of many immigrant visa categories, but not all immigrant visa categories.
  • ** See the Foreign Affairs Manual, 9 FAM 502.1 for a list of all immigrant visa categories.
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